Meet our Featured Designer Jennifer Lissner

Jennifer Lissner's Project Loft owner’s dilemma: A boring, ineffective pass-through closet to the bathroom

Designer’s challenge: Create a new, modern look while integrating the existing architecture

“Jennifer wanted to make sure the closet look carried over to the bathroom. Incorporating the exposed brick, and using 24″ deep hang, shelving and drawers were key elements to her design.”

Chris Poltorak, Owner/Designer, Closet Outfitters

Jennifer Lissner's Project

“I was excited about this project because of the flexible space and the architectural details. Since it was a pass-through closet I wanted a finished wardrobe look. And, instead of putting on a back panel, we let the brick pop.

I’ve worked with Closet Outfitters before, and this was the first time I saw their new finishes. I liked the look of the Nora Creek Oak so much that I created a custom vanity to match the closet finish.

My client was really happy with the mix of modern, masculine and warmth that he was looking for!”

Jennifer Lissner, Interior Designer

“We’re thrilled Jennifer and her client are happy! For your complete home organizational system needs, please contact us!

Chris Poltorak, Owner/Designer, Closet Outfitters

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